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    I actually really like a lot of the names on this list. Pandora, Skye, and Eira especially.

    I can only think of a few-
    Donovan- SO can't get past the football player association
    Samuel- He says it sounds like "a mule".
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    I had a great childhood friend called 'Sky' - nothing but positive feelings for the name but if you're going to go hippy my policy is 'go hard or go home', omit the 'e'

    Ariadne - ugly/impossible to pronounce, no one can spell it, WTH?
    Hermione - for obvious Harry Potter associations (I love Harry Potter but it's a pity such a lovely name was sacrificed at the altar of popular culture, that said, before Harry Potter no one would have been able to pronounce or spell it...)
    Thomasina - "You just put 'ina' on the end of a boy's name, give her a proper girl name" - few feminine versions of masculine names have escaped the purge of the last century, though there's still Georgina and Roberta which I feel will come back in force, and let's not forget Nigella...
    Lorelei - Gilmore Girls or some such, never watched it... Also, a more generalised fear of Germans? (at least from my partner)

    Ender - "Like Ender's Game?" - Yes, so what?
    Turing - "Like that gay guy who did the stuff with computers?" - Like...that genius who helped save his country and was still shat on from a great height subsequently just because he was gay...why yes (I like tribute names)
    Wilde - "Like that gay guy...didn't he write plays?" - Like that awesome...etc, you get the point (I like tribute names)
    Lysander - "Isn't that from Shakespeare or some crap?" - Yes, yes it is... *sigh*

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    There are so many names that my family thinks I am crazy for liking. Some of them may not be super common, but some of them are perfectly "normal" names.


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    I feel most of my favorites are mostly well-liked, Cordelia, Matilda, Beatrix, Penelope, Zinnia, even Ramona, to an extent.

    However, even name-nerds dont seem to like Allegra, Justine, Justina and Maxine. For boys, maybe Roland fits here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mei_mei View Post
    I feel most of my favorites are mostly well-liked, Cordelia, Matilda, Penelope, Zinnia, even Ramona, to an extent.n
    However, even name-nerds don't seem to like Allegra, Justine, Justina and Maxine.
    Not that there's much wrong with the others...but Justine? Unless you know someone with that name (and can't stand them) what could possibly be wrong with Justine?! It's feminine but very strong, an excellent, classic name (I would put it in that category with Joan and similar). Add a trendier but maybe 'weaker' mn and you're on to a winner.

    Justine Rose/Pearl has a nice ring to it and when she's all grown up she can be anything without raised eyebrows.

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