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    I adore Skye, Jasper, and Scout! ( among others)

    For me it's Holiday. I adore the name for a girl but my friends think its weird. I haven't told my family. Someday if I ever decide to name a daughter this, I'll prob keep the name on the down low.

    @sarahdoodle I'm a pjato fan also!

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    Hmm...people look at me like I have three heads when I mention I like Cordelia IRL. Oh,and lately when I bring up the name Primrose they just dismiss it as a Hunger Games name...but the flowers are SO PRETTY!
    Teenaged name nerd who enjoys reading,karate,and getting together with her crazy cousins for a fiesta!

    Some of my faves-

    *Everett Florian Valentin* *Rosalie Nightingale Yvaine * Lucy Christiana Iris * Ezra Leopold Efrain * Jessamine Flora Willow*
    *Helena Felicity Jolie*

    Guilty Pleasures-
    Bartolommeo & Calliope

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    Ava- Too popular
    Evelyn- Too old lady-ish according to my mom. lol
    Sabrina- Sabrina the Teenage Witch Association (I never watched that show, so assoc. doesn't bother me)
    July- Name of a month
    Anastasia- Too dramatic
    Anna- See Evelyn

    Caldeon- No one can pronounce it right, too old man-ish
    Noah- Too popular (This was my #1 boy's name for YEARS.)
    Sullivan,Bennett, Ellis, etc...- No one in my family likes surnames as first names
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    I adore Pandora and Antigone, too--I can't understand why people don't like them, I think curiosity and the courage to stand up to authority are awesome.

    And larkub, I know two Holidays! One spells her name with two L's, which I guess makes it a little more name-like.

    For me, it's Ismay and Marceline. No one seems to share my enthusiasm for those at all. Same with Ferdinand and Quentin for boys.
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    Viola Mireille Sancia Blue Cosima Vale Zara Fionnuala
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

    Cameron Alastor Wilde ⋆ Emmett Fidelio Scout ⋆ Zeke Borealis
    Isadora Maite ⋆ Coraline Octavia Luna ⋆ Cleo Amara ⋆ Adela Seraphine Lior
    v o t e

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    For me it's Hester, Damaris, Bertram and Digory. I think they're lovely names, but most others... don't.
    Girls: Alice, Anna, Astrid, Beatrice, Clara, Elodie, Emily, Evelyn, Hannah, Hermione, Lorna, Phoebe, Sophie, Sylvia
    Boys: Andrew, Arthur, Elliot, Griffin, Hamish, Henry, Leopold, Martin, Peter, Robin, Rupert, Thomas, Tobias, William
    Guilty Pleasures: Athena, Damaris, Digory, Emrys, Ganymede, Hester, Jessamine, Phineas, Myrtle, Nymeria, Nyx

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