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    Quote Originally Posted by resaandmo View Post
    I think Ian works best on it's own,though Florian nn Ian could work. Ianto is intriguing,but a little too complicated for the vast majority of Americans. Maybe as a middle name?
    That's what I had originally been thinking--I liked the idea of Ianto as a MN if I ever used it. But with my new-found love for Ian, I was thinking maybe I should just opt for Ianto nn Ian, but I don't think I'm brave enough for it. Plus, I feel like Ianto really sticks out next to Caleb, Everett, Asher, Jack, Gray, Avery, Samuel, Charlie, etc. I think I'll probably just stick to Ian. It's what I really love, and it's not like it's really a nn or anything. Now to find a MN!
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    Okay, how about:

    Ian Jasper
    Ian Jonathan
    Ian Jameson
    Ian Joseph

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    I never seen the pronunciation you said. - In Wales and in the Welsh Language Ianto is said Yan-to. So the EE is wrong I can see where you get it from because Ian is said EE-an. So people would atomatically assume it's said the same as Ian but it's not.
    Yeah... that's what I was saying? I was correcting the other girl... Read my post again

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    I think Ian is a great name! I'm a substitute teacher and I rarely hear it (there are other names on your list that hear much more often - Caleb, Jack, even Zane), so I doubt your son would be surrounded by other little Ians in school. I think Ianto is a little too out-there to use in the US. Plus, if it's the Welsh diminutive of Ian, that means you'd be naming him a nickname so you could call him by the full name for short. Kind of silly IMO.

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