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    All about Ian...

    I'm really loving Ian lately, and am absolutely set on adding it to my list. I love the mix of familiarity without being overused, its almost classic appeal (at least, in the States; I realize it's quite dated in the UK), and most of all, that it honors my brother and dad. However, I'm torn in regards to using just Ian, or a fuller name with the nn Ian. I realize Ian is a name in its own right, and I'd be more than willing to use it on its own... but I'm not sure if a fuller name would make it more versatile (not that Ian's not versatile, but it would provide other nns or even a less common name to fall back on, should he be surrounded in Ians in school).

    1. Would you opt for Ian, or a fuller name with Ian as a nn?

    2. Which name (names?) do you like with the option of Ian as a nn?

    3. One Ian option that intrigues me would be Ianto (YAHN-toe) with the nn Ian. It's a Welsh name, a diminutive of Ian/John. My family has Welsh history, settled in a Welsh tract section of the US, and Ianto really intrigues me, but I always thought I'd use it as a MN, rather than a way to get to Ian. WDYT of it? Is it FN material, or is it just too out-there? Ian feels more my style than Ianto, but I do find the idea of honoring my Welsh ancestry quite appealing...

    4. Out of all the options for Ian, which is your favorite and what MNs would you pair with it?

    Thanks, Berries!
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    1) I would opt for just Ian. I've never thought of it being a nickname before.

    2) I honestly don't know of any. I suppose something that has an "EE" sound or starts with an 'E' followed by a middle that starts with an 'an' sound, like Enoch Angelo or Evan Anthony could work.

    3) I'm not super fond of it and I think it's a little out there, but that's because I know a boy named Ian To (pronounced like toe). I think it's better off in the middle slot.

    4) I prefer Ian on its own. Ian Declan, Ian Hawthorne, Ian Oliver, Ian Brody, Ian Orion, Ian Francis, Ian Marcus, Ian Xavier, Ian Evander, Ian Damian, Ian Patrick.
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    I like Ian all on its own. Ianto is very interesting and not at all too out there especially if it is a nod to your heritage.

    I personally like Sebastian as a formal name for Ian.

    Like I said I like Ian as a formal name. I like short and sweet names.
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    Ianto is awesome, but Ian by itself is so perfect to me - really one of my favorite names. I think it comes across as handsome and cool without being snobby or punky or trying too hard in any way - Ian is the star pitcher on the baseball team who's popular for all the right reasons. I love its Celtic flavor as well.

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    Ian is on my list too, both by itself and as a nickname for Sebastian. It could be a nickname for anything that ends in -ian, really. Julian, Adrian, maybe even Christian. And I really like Ianto, whether you're Welsh or not I think no matter which of these options you choose to go with, your son will have a good name.

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