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    Ian doesn't need a nickname and I greatly prefer it without one. Ianto would get mispronounced constantly.
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    Go with Ian. To help choose a middle name, let's find out about the last name. How many syllables and what's the first initial? It would be great to have a different syllable count for each of the names and not have the initials spell anything.

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    Honestly, I'm just looking at names and combos, @basicsand. Not pregnant, and probably won't be for a few years. I'm still single, even, so there's really no guarantee that I'll even have the same surname as I have right now by the time I have children. And I'm sorry, I don't feel comfortable giving out the surname. I'd rather the name have meaning than to flow perfectly, anyway.
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    1. Would you opt for Ian, or a fuller name with Ian as a nn? Probably just Ian. It feels fresh here in the states, I rarely hear of Ian's.

    2. Which name (names?) do you like with the option of Ian as a nn? Ianto, or maybe Cillian/Killian or Damian, but I don't love the last two.

    3. I've only heard Ianto pron. Ee-AN-toe, so that's how I pronounce it. It reminds me of a character from the show Torchwood, which is a good association for me. I quite like it actually, and I don't think it's too out there.

    4. Out of all the options for Ian, which is your favorite and what MNs would you pair with it? Ianto or just Ian would be my preference. I'm terrible with combos, though.
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    I love the name Ian as it's my boyfriend's name (Which he hates all names with his init ).

    Personally I prefer just Ian. I also love Julian and Damian though.

    I also have Welsh ancestors and my boyfriend Irish. - I also love Ianto but just be prepared in case he'd get picked on in school if your not living near Wales. Also be prepared for wrong pronunciation.

    I Agree with above what names Do you like with Ian. - My boyfriend is Ian Leslie.

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