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    Names for fairytale sisters?

    So I'm rewriting Beauty and the Beast, and I need names for Beauty's two sisters, father, maybe brothers, and Beast... I'm thinking virtue-esque names (because of Beauty), but since the sisters aren't supposed to be particularly nice I'm not sure how to go about that.

    The story is NOT set in modern times, future times, or otherwise significantly altered.

    Please and thank you.
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    Well how about these. Also think of sisters/step in other fairy tales that were mean in their stories. Hope this helps!


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    Luckily, I've got a list with old fashioned, somewhat dark, virtue-esque names.

    For girls: Adrienne ('dark lady from the sea'), Alvira ('elfin arrow'), Amaris, ('child of the moon'), Anastasia ('she who will rise again'), Artemia ('moon goddess'), Asphodel, Aisling ('dream'), Aerin, Autumn, Arachne.
    For guys: Asmodeus, Astaroth (both, apparently, are the names of demons), Alaric, Aleron ('eagle'), Ascelin ('of the moon'), Astrophel ('star lover'), Athanasius ('immortal'), Aubrey ('elf ruler'), Auberon ('noble', pronounced like 'Oberon', Shakespeare's fairy king), Azriel.

    For girls: Badriyah ('full moon'), Bernia ('angel in armour'), Bijou ('jewel'), Brienne ('strength, virtue, honour'), Branwen ('beautiful raven'), Briallen, Brigid, Belladonna.
    For guys: Bjorn, Blayze (variant of Blaise, 'firebrand'), Brandyn, Brander ('sword of fire'), Brendan ('little raven'), Byron.

    For girls: Calliope ('the muse of poetry'), Cassandra, Chandra ('the moon which outshines the stars'), Chantrea ('moonbeam'), Celeste, Ceiridwen, Celosia ('burning flame'), Calista ('most beautiful of women'), Caera, Calantha.
    For boys: Cadell ('battle spirit'), Cadogan ('war'), Ciaran ('dark-haired'), Cleon, Corbett ('raven'), Corbin ('raven'), Cynfael, Caedmon ('wise warrior'), Cain.

    For girls: December, Danika ('morning star'), Desdemona, Destiny, Demetria, Druilla ('elfin vision'. Not to be confused with 'Drusilla', which means 'strong one'), Demelza.
    For guys: Damian, Dante, Demetrius, D'Arcy, Davorin ('god of war'), Deverell, Drake ('dragon'), Dorian, Daire.

    For girls: Edana ('little fiery one'), Echo, Ebony, Eden, Eirlys ('snowdrop'), Emberlynn, Emerande, Esmeralde, Emmeranne ('raven'), Ennata ('goddess'), Eranthe, Estrella, Ethelinda ('noble serpent'), Evangeline, Eirisse, Electra, Eventide.
    For guys: Elwin ('friend of the elves'), Erasmus, Eoghan ('young warrior'), Etienne, Ezekiel, Everild.

    For girls: Faine, Faline ('catlike'), Fae ('fairy-like'), Feronia ('a goddess of the forests'), Fleurdelice ('iris, lily'), Fortune, Fern, Fawn, Fanchon ('free being'), Faith.
    For guys: Frey.

    For girls: Guinevere ('white phantom'), Garnette, Griselda, Gwendoline ('white-browed maid'), Gwendydd ('morning star').
    For guys: Gabriel, Gadiel, Gair, Gale, Gareth, Garth, Garroway, Gawain ('battle hawk'), Gethin, Ghislaine, Griffin, Grimbald ('fierce power'), Griswold ('grey forest').

    For girls: Hecate, Hagar ('forsaken'), Hesperia ('the evening star'), Hestia ('star'), Hildegarde.
    For guys: Heathcliffe, Hunter.

    For girls: Indigo, Ivy, Iolana ('soaring like a hawk'), Ianira ('enchantress'), Ianthe, Ione, Isolabella ('the beautiful lonely one'), Isis, Izora ('dawn'), Ivory, Iolanthe.
    For guys: Idris ('fiery lord'), Ingram ('the raven's son'), Ishmael.

    For girls: Juliet, Jocasta ('shining moon'), Jevera ('life'), Joliette ('violet'), Julianna.
    For guys: Jagger, Jael, Jairus, Jarlen, Jarlath, Jorin.

    For girls: Kali, Kismet, Kairos ('goddess born last to Jupiter'), Kala ('black'), Kalonice ('beauty's victory'), Kamra ('moon'), Kavita ('poem'), Kiara ('dark'), Ketura, Khalida ('immortal'), Kolfinna ('white lady').
    For guys: Kalon, Kane, Keir, Keenan, Kazimir, Keiran, Khalid ('immortal'), Killian.

    For girls: Lilith, Lullaby, Lamya ('dark lips'), Layla ('night'), Leandra ('like a lioness'), Lechsinska ('woodland spirit'), Lilah ('black as the night'), Leontine, Lethia ('sweet oblivion'), Levana ('the sun of the dawn'), Lien ('lotus blossom'), Lisha ('the darkness before midnight'), Lorelei ('siren'), Lupe ('she-wolf'), Lycoris ('twilight').
    For guys: Leander, Lysander, Lucien, Lancelot, Lance, Leon, Lycidas ('wolf son'), Lothaire.

    For girls: Morgan (as in Morgan Le Fay), Myth, Maeve, Magena ('the coming moon'), Mehira, Mallory ('unlucky'), Marianne, Melantha ('dark flower'), Mercy, Meredith, Merle ('blackbird'), Misty, Minerva ('goddess of wisdom'), Myvanwy ('rare one'), Musette ('child of the muses'), Morwenna ('maiden').
    For guys: Mordred, Mabon, Magna ('the coming moon'), Malachi ('angel'), Martel ('hammer of war'), Merlin, Melchior, Merle ('the black-haired one').

    For girls: Nirvana, Niamh, Naida ('water nymph'), Nebula, Nevada ('as white as the moon'), Nissa ('friendly elf'), Nisha ('night'), Nokomis, Nyx.
    For guys: Nehemiah, Niall, Nicodemus, Nodin ('wind').

    For girls: Odile, Ophelia, Ordelia ('elf's spear'), Orenda ('magic power'), Osanna ('merciful').
    For guys: Oberon, Odolff, Orien, Orion ('son of light'), Ozul ('shadow').

    For girls: Phoenix, Phaidra, Persephone, Pixie, Petra, Philomena ('lover of the moon, nightingale'), Psyche,, Pythea, Purity, Poison.
    For guys: Phoenix, Paine, Perseus ('destroyer'), Phelan ('brave as the wolf').

    For girls: Qadira ('powerful'), Quintella.
    For guys: Qadir ('powerful'), Quillan, Quillon ('sword'), Quinn.

    For girls: Rhiannon, Raelinn, River, Rhapsody, Ruby, Ravette, Raphaelle, Radella, Renita ('rebel'), Rhodanthe.
    For guys: Radomir, Raphael, Rune, Raoul, Randal, Ransley ('from the raven's meadow'), Renwick ('raven's nest'), Rhain, Riordan.

    For girls: Scarlett, Sky, Selene, Sapphire, Skylar, Sorcha, Sapphira, Seiran ('sparkling'), Selena, Seraphine, Silvana, Silver.
    For guys: Sabien, Salem, Saber, Seain, Severn, Silvan, Sterling, Sullivan ('man with black eyes').

    For girls: Tanith, Topaz, Tizane, Tatiana, Tempesta, Thalia, Thora ('thunder'), Timandra ('honour'), Tierney, Thordis ('spirit of Thor'), Trista ('sorrow'), Turaya ('star'), Tourmaline.
    For guys: Taos, Tallon, Talon, Tama ('thunderbolt'), Tearle, Thorin, Theron, Thorne.

    For girls: Ulva ('she-wolf'), Ursula, Ursulette, Ursuline, Urania.
    For guys: Ulfred, Urien.

    For girls: Vesper, Vasilisa, Venette, Vanity, Valentina, Vanita ('desired'), Velvet, Velika ('the falling one'), Venus, Vespera ('the evening star').
    For guys: Valentine, Valerian.

    For girls: Wanette ('the pale one'), Wren, Willow.
    For guys: Wolf, Waldron ('strength of the raven'), Wolfram.

    For girls: Xanthe, Xylia, Xena, Xaverie.
    For guys: Xanthus, Xenos, Xavier.

    For girls: Ysabelle, Yolanthe.
    For guys: Ywain ('young warrior').

    For girls: Zabrina, Zella ('shadow'), Zara, Zephirah ('dawn'), Zetta, Zakira ('remembrance').
    For guys: Zachaeus
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    You are like my new favorite person. I'm going to use this list so much. I'm definitely using Drusilla, and I also pulled out Eirlys, Timanda, Vanita, and Zakira at some point. Couldn't find anything for Beast, though... mreh. Thanks a bunch!
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    For the sisters' virtue names, if they're unpleasant characters, the easiest way to make them meaningful is to make their names ironic. For example, Charity. Maybe she hates poor people and considers them stupid, or something, making her anything BUT charitable. Or maybe she IS charitable, but thinks her generosity toward the less fortunate gives her a right to be a terrible person otherwise. Or maybe she's neutral on the charity continuum, but she's a habitual liar, so it's a good thing their parents didn't name her Verity! They saved that for their next daughter, who really is honest, to the point where she blatantly insults others in the name of being truthful, when really she just likes getting people riled up. As long as it's not too heavy-handed, it could work.
    Virtue names are more commonly considered feminine, but male virtue names aren't unheard of, if you want to add brothers. I know Nameberry has a list somewhere that has a few boys' names. No idea on the father and Beast, though.
    Hope something sticks! Sorry my ideas aren't as awesome as that cool list. O.o I'm totally going to end up stealing some names from there myself.
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