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    fiammetta Guest

    June BA's Melbourne, Australia

    June BA's near me...siblings are in parentheses. I must say, I'm getting more and more surprised in the change of style there seems to be in birth announcements this favourites are starred.

    Henry Campbell
    Francis William Raymond (Digby and Adelaide)
    Andrew Michael (Samantha)
    Oliver William* (Lucy)
    Oliver Paul
    Benjamin Paul (Jack)
    Angus Lovell
    Charlie Alfred William*
    Isaiah James Kaima
    Benjamin Michael "Benny" (Jasper and Harley)
    Isaiah Jack (Eva)
    Daniel James (Thomas)
    Monte TC (Nicholas, Matthew, Sarah and Casper)
    Joshua Wayne (Emily and Bridie)
    Patrick (Lucie)
    Jacob Lee
    Luca Jon
    Seth William Donald
    Heath Laurence (Lachlan and Callum)
    Graham Michael
    Steel Mannix (Duke and Fox)
    Archer Lemin (Toby)
    Zac Yao Yang
    Spencer Remy Gabriel
    James Patrick
    Lucas Sebastian (Oliver)
    Solomon Hunt (Lydia Grace)
    Campbell Jay
    Oliver Jacob
    Peter Marko John (Amelia)
    Jacob Harris (Cooper)
    Brooker Guy (Ebony and Rene)
    Leo Edward
    Lincoln James (Phoenix and Leni)
    Ashton Thomas (Jaxon)
    Toby Jude (Lily)
    Luke Thomas (Aiden and Josh)
    Ethan Joseph
    Paden Ivor (Taj and Bodhi)
    Mason Hunter (Cody and Riley)

    Carrie Sarah
    Lucinda Angelique (Charlotte)
    Niamh Isabell*
    Beatrice Charlotte*
    Isabelle Josephine
    Poppy Cherry Cecilia (Bowie)
    Kaya Tee
    Grace Lauren Jeanette
    Sophie Anne (Christopher)
    Eden Helena (Sienna and Noah)
    Harper Jordan (Skyler)
    Lilah Daphne
    Lauren Faye (Makayla)
    Addison Verna-Lee
    Eliza May* (Jeremy)
    Alia Ruby (Hannah)
    Milla Grace
    Emily Grace
    Jordan (Charli)
    Amelia Antonia (Jacob, Alyssia and Xavier)
    Lara Janai (Caitlin and Michaela)
    Willow Grace
    Lacey Rose (Charlie)
    Sienna Paige (Joshua)
    Alyssa Grace
    Lexi Mae (Casey)
    Mila Joy (Angus)
    Yasmin Kate
    Matilda Eve
    Isla Anne

    Magnolia Mary & Henry Joseph*
    Harry Max & Noah Jack (Charlotte)

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    sunshine kid Guest
    Wow, what a lovely collection of names.

    I love Leo Edward, Eliza May and the twins Magnolia Mary & Henry Joseph.

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