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    Girl names with boyish nicknames?

    I have been drawn to that sort of name as of lately, and was wondering if you all could help me brainstorm some more. A few that I have already considered are:

    Juniper "Jay"
    Cornelia "Neil"
    Olivine "Olly"
    Lavinia "Vin"

    Any other ones you can come up with? I'd prefer less common if possible, so something along the lines of Charlotte "Charlie" or Alexia "Alex" aren't quite right for me.
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    My favorite is one that's already in your signature: Eleni nn Leni! I adore it. Lenny on a boy seems frumpy and old fashioned and makes me think of the John Steinbeck novel, but Leni on a girl is lithe and youthful and interesting. And I don't feel so bad about more masculine-ish nns on a girl as opposed to an actual full name that's unisex/masculine. That's really the only one I love, although I don't mind Charlotte nn Charlie (although I prefer Lola and Lottie, personally). I think Evangeline nn Evan is sort of cool, too.

    Aurora nn Rory? Or is that too mainstream, too?
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    Wilhelmina, nickname: Billie
    Francesca, Frances, nickname: Frankie
    Delphine, Delphina, Josephina, Josephine, Seraphina, etc, nickname: Finn
    Lucille, Louisa, Lucienne, nickname: Lou/Lu
    Martina, nickname: Marty/Martie
    Aurora, nickname: Rory
    Olympia, Olivia, nickname: Ollie/Olly
    Roberta, nickname: Bobbie
    Beatrix, Beatrice, nickname: Trix
    Penelope, nickname: Penn
    Filomene/Philomene, nickname: Fil, Flip

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    I actually like Larissa nn Lars. I think I made that up myself, and I know it's weird, but to me it's cute.

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