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Thread: Alycesaundra

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    Yes. This is an actual name, ladies, and I am near to bawling about it. I was watching Toddlers & Tiaras, a guilty pleasure of mine, when I hear the announcer say the beautiful "Alessandra". And then, much to my horror, "Alycesaundra" pops up. Instant tears.

    I really don't understand the kre8tif spelling trend right now. Alessandra is a gorgeous, stunning name! Alycesaundra looks terrible and makes me think that the already trendy Alyce feel down a dinosaur's nest instead of the rabbit hole, instead of giving off the sunny, old-time Italian feel that Alessandra does.

    Any other spellings that just rub you the wrong way? Any alternative spellings that you like, or that are legitimate spellings but may look kre8tif (from a different language/culture, for example)?

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    I'm by no means defending the spelling, as I think it's horrid too. However, perhaps mom and dad were trying to honor grandmothers Alyce and Saundra?

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    Poor girl.

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    That's pretty awful - someday everyone from Pre-K up will have to have their own business/calling cards because we won't be able to spell any names without a visual aid.
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    My all time favourite is Antqwan with the silent q.

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