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Thread: If It Was You

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    If It Was You

    I just wanna get peoples ideas on what they would use as sibling names with my daughters name. It's just for fun to see what names people come up with as my boyfriend is kinda picky.

    If you had a daughter called Amy-Louise with the surname Kitcher.

    What would you name the siblings of this child? - Boys Names (Girls version on Girls name forum).

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    Henry Gene Kitcher
    Samuel Rainn Kitcher
    Winston Davis Kitcher
    Jason Seamus Kitcher
    XOXO Whillemina
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    Kirrily, Rosalind, Tamsin, Josephine

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    I think Asa, Joseph, Joel, Liam, Kevin, Marcus, Bryce, David, and Ethan go well with last name Kitcher and sister Amy-Louise. I especially like Asa with Amy, though it has unfortunate teasing possibilities (Asa Kitcher, A** Kisser), so you probably wouldn't want to use it...

    What names does your boyfriend like?

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    I like Samuel David but not Davis (as its a very common surname around here).

    I like Joseph, Liam and David.
    Someone said that before but I can't use Ethan as its my boyfriends nephews name.

    He likes Thomas, Joseph, Harry, Samuel (Names like that he says are easy to say and spell).

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