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Thread: If It Was You

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    I quite like Madeline Sage. I'm unsure on what my boyfriend will say about sage cause he says its not a name it's a spice.

    Any others guys.

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    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

    Beckett | Jude | Nolan | Dalton | Max | Finn | Teague | Bram | Otis | Ari | Calvin
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Georgia | Gwyneth | Thea | Aviva
    Elena 'Laney' | Bridget | Cordelia | Evadne | Shea

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    Girls: Anya, Leia, Maeve, Adelaide, Lelia, Belle, Daphne, Vada, Evangeline, Anneliese, Leda, Livia, Carys, Liana, Cleo, Piper, Elena, Mercedes
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    Thank you everyone. - Some names I like and some I dont See below. - Any more names people.

    Names I cant use:- Sophie, Charlotte, Alice,

    Names We like:- Mia/Maia, Elizabeth (As A Middle Name), Faye (Middle Name), [/B] Amelie (I Prefer Amelia), Elizabeth (Middle Name), Lily.

    Names We dislike:- Celeste/Cecilia, June Margaret - (Slightly too old for us), Elise, Sally, Julia-(I'm in the middle on this one), Julie Violet, Juliana Pearl, Greta Simone, Gwen, Rachel.

    Combinations:- Jade Isabel (We like but Jade was common when I was a child), Stella Ruby (I prefer Ruby May as the middle name but I LOVE this one), Violet Sadie (I Prefer Sadie Violet Rose), Zoe Emmeline/Zoe Catherine (We Prefer Zoe Emily to Emmeline, I like Catherine though - Zoe was popular when I was a teenager so I'm unsure on this one), Elise Madeline/Jane Elise (We prefer Madeline Elise to Elise Madeline and I like Elise Jane instead of Jane Elise), Tessa Vivienne (We Like Tessa May or Tessa Faye but not Vivienne), Felicity Rose (We love this name also like Felicity Emily Rose), Lila Marian (We Prefer Lilianna but dont like Marian as the middle name).

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