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    Theodora and Minerva seem to fit with your boys the best, and both have lovely nicknames. (Minerva's one of my favorites, though it's a bit of an outlier for my list stylistically.)

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    They are all wonderful except for Nola. I think my favorites are Minerva and Sabine though
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    I dislike Minerva - it does not sound beautiful to me at all. I think Nola is perfect and Theodora/Sabine are very nice names, too. If you want a longer name for Nola, may I suggest Finnola? I love Finnola so much.

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    I love either Theodora or Minerva - Sabine is beautiful, but the others have such weight, like Caius and Otto (which I also adore!). Good luck with your decision - I'm certainly stuck between those two, so I can't imagine how you must feel with four to select from!

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    I like Theodora and Minerva; not too keen on the other two.
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