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    I could barely watch it after 4 minutes. And just about died when her children's names were revealed. I also have an India and a Max. And suddenly I felt like I was going to be vilified for having 'upper crust' names. After watching this media hungry woman with her hideous prejudices I have found myself hoping that this is the name bashing to end all name bashing. I have heard a few teachers admit to marginalising the children in their class before term has started based purely on their names. Like so and so will be a troublemaker, and blah blah will probably always be late. I think that's unprofessional.

    I'm certainly going to try to be much less judgemental about names from now on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I'm facinated by how Americans still think we're so defined by a class system There are still a few Victorian "Yahhhs we're sooooo upper clarssss" left-over people, but class really isn't that important, at least not in my life/where I live. It's more to do with how much you earn these days. And I don't get the shouting thing. I wouldn't say yelling your kid's name is chavvy- everyone does it at some point! You're just as likely to hear "Oscar! Amelia! Come here AT ONCE!" as you are to hear "Mason! Tyler! COME HERE!" And even then, it's not that often. We're not all standing at the school gates shouting our kids' names If anything, the 'chavvy' parents aren't shouting anything because they tend not to yell at/punish their kids or do much parenting at all.
    I think this is very different from place to place, which "class" you belonged to certainly was an issue where I grew up and went to school. Now, as adults, not so much. Everyone know their class though, but that's about background not about which friendships you make.

    Of course everyone yell at their kid at some point, but I'm talking about (and I think Ms Horrible did too) the gnarly playground shouting. Like I said, I never hear anyone shout Florence, Clementine or Rafferty in that manner. I can imagine Katie Price shouting at her kids that way, Victoria Beckham not so much

    I agree with the names you listed, as a general rule names that are considered chavvy in England are names that are trendy in America.

    Tiggerian; No, like I said, she did make a fool of herself. But I see what she means, as what (I'm sure) she meant was trendy place names, ala Brooklyn and Holland and the likes. Florence is a place name as well, but because it's got such solid and historical use doesn't fit in that category.
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    I think, if she had used some well thought out arguments she wouldn't see this backlash for sure. Most of us know that certain names are used MORE by 'certain' people. It's the same with yoonique names. Some names are just associated with EITHER very young parents OR chavs.

    I know a fair few very young mums (under 18) and they all have either J/Kayden's. Harvey's, Ellie-Mae's or Lily-Mae's - so I tend to associate those names with "teen parents". It's the same with this - you just get this "mental link" to certain types of parents, both negative and positive, and certain names.

    It's not that she's WRONG about THAT bit - it's the way she handles and says it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiggerian View Post
    It's not that she's WRONG about THAT bit - it's the way she handles and says it.
    Exactly. There's truth in what she says. If she'd bothered to find some evidence to back it up or gone about it in a different way instead of just outing her snobby-ness... GAH! It would've been much more interesting (and she'd have had a better leg to stand on) if she'd come up with things like "Tyler and Charmaine are more common amongst people who earn £X thousand PA", "Richard and Emma are the most common names of uni graduates" or "Kyle and Donna are the most common names of repeat offenders" etc.

    And if anyone's brave enough to look up her Twitter feed you'll see she's taken to coming up with crude 'jokes' about her most hated names which now include Ethan, Cosette, Piers, Bethany, Dawn & Xavier. I don't think she's constricting herself to the realms of 'chav' anymore :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by A little off topic but I'm fascinated by English culture, I love it. It may sound strange to you if you're from [name
    England[/name] or the UK, but I am absolutely fascinated. From the view point of an American, the class system seems so segmented and defined with very specific actions attached to each one. I've read recently that there are seven social classes? I've heard several people from the UK mention parents that yell out the names of their children, and that it's considered chavy. Does this really happen that often? Chavy people hanging outside their windows screaming, "Chaaardonnaaay". Yelling and being loud in general is considered rude most likely anywhere in the world but the whole 'chavs yelling out their kids names and the decent being annoyed by it' is just one of those very English things Americans love to hear about.
    I agree, I'm from Canada and I find it incredibly interesting as well. Especially with all the different accents and how much of an impact they have on your image. I could never imagine judging someone on how they speak, but it's all part of the whole classism thing, I guess.
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