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    Ottilie - I get what you say about India being thought more of as a name and not a place, BUT - you can't say you are categorically against place names, IF your daughters name is India. You can't tell me this woman doesn't KNOW India is a place. Therefor her argument is moot and dumb and not very well thought out.

    I DO agree that there are names you tend to hear more from 'certain types' of parents. But I get to know the people and the child before I pass judgement. My eldest best friend has a name that makes my brain hurt! But he's a good boy and from a great family.. We just don't share name taste. His older brothers name is so chavvy it practically invented the term, but he is a A* student and so polite and lovely. Sometimes, it really just is a matter of taste and not class or intellect or potential success.

    Get to know the person behind the name and then make a judgement. I can't wait for this womans India and Poppy to come home and announce they are dating Tyler and Brandon, or her Maximillion has become engaged to Charmaine! *insert evil laughter* I can see the horror, slow motion obviously, slide across her face and do a full on Luke Skywalker Noooo!

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