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    Honestly, I'd be less likely to be outraged if she talked about judging the kids' parents, and not the CHILDREN THEMSELVES.
    I also can't stomach how there are the good names, and then "children like those" in her world... and yet, India doesn't count as a place name :/ and what the heck is wrong with Simon? I've always considered Simon to be kind of an upper-crust British name (more common in England than Canada, but that's just the vibe I've gotten).

    This woman just dug herself in to a deeper and deeper hole. I admit, I kind of enjoyed watcher her make a fool of herself. My blood boiled, but I mostly had second-hand embarrassment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Hilary; When I said "yelled out like that" I meant the way Katie did in the segment. You said you'd watched it, so you should know. It's the mums (and dads) who don't bother getting up off their arse to talk to or discipline their children, instead they yell to catch their attention.

    I would also like to say, I did not say anything against the working class. I have working class friends! They haven't got chav names though. Chav doesn't mean working class. But I would be incredibly surprised if Chardonnay, Charmaine or Chantel's mums were intelligent and enjoyable people. But that doesn't mean little Charmaine won't be a lovely and intelligent person.
    Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I did watch it, and yes she yelled out with an ugly tone of voice. It simply wasn't clear to me what you and she were pinpointing as bothersome--i.e., was it accent, the fact that those mothers raised their voices . . . but you've clarified it's an issue of discipline/discipline style. Fair enough.

    "Chav" isn't a term I hear used in America, though I've heard it a good deal on the forums as well as the American slurs "red neck" and "white trash" and plain "trashy." I'm afraid I'm a bit prickly on the subject, but I do admit that I bristle at the stereotypes.

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    Not going to lie, I do judge people on the names they give their children. But I wouldn't judge a child because of the name their parents gave them. I certainly wouldn't want my child to be so shallow to dislike someone because of their name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    But that doesn't mean little Charmaine won't be a lovely and intelligent person.
    :nod: Exactly my point

    I'm curious though... because maybe I'm not understanding "chav" properly. Does a name (or whatever else) not become chav precisely because it is widely used among lower class people? That tends to be the way "trashy" works here.
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    Well, I'm probably too lowborn for someone like her. But, as we say around these parts: "An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure."
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