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    Someone please lock this lady up. You are doing society a huge favor.
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    For a project I had in school, I chose an article (Perfect Parenting Pt. 2 or A Roshanda by Any Other Name Could Smell as Sweet - Freakonomics) that talked about baby names. It talked about the 'class' system and other topics that factored in to how people name their kids. Yes, some of the names this woman mentioned are connected to which class you're in, but there are other factors such as race and location.

    But that doesn't change the fact that she deliberately discriminates against children because of their name. People choose names that they like for their kids. So they might like Tyler or Charmaine, there's nothing wrong with that. They could be a Supreme Court judge and name their child Charmaine, that doesn't mean they're from a low social class.

    This segment made me so mad. I wanted to scream at this lady. What kind of person still believes in a class system like this?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine kid View Post
    Ergh... Just another argument about class (even though the topic is names).

    This kind of reminds me of the Catherine Tate skits
    @sunshinekid - this is too funny! Thank you for giving me a laugh today. I've always thought that Catherine Tate is brilliant and these skits prove it!
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    Well that was slightly over the top!

    In my opinion, we all form opinions whether we like it or not, however what we do with those opinions depends on what kind of people we want our children to see us as. I was brought up by fairly well-off parent's, who had foster children living on our farm all through my childhood, some of these children had silly names, but that didn't stop them from being friendly, happy children who my mum gladly let me play with, gosh a tiny little person isn't defined solely by their name, give them a shot!
    One of my closest friends was one of those "low-class" foster children, her name is Chrissie-Leigh (unfavorable, right?) and she is possibly the most humble, kind and appreciative people I've ever met.

    Honestly, I really don't think this poor woman is in a position to judge, she may have won The Apprentice, but she married her current husband on Celebrity Four Weddings, and was a contestant on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! I don't know all that much about these shows in the UK, but in Australia the "celebrities" that go on them just can't get a gig anywhere else.

    I wouldn't want my children playing with Katie Hopkins', because most children are a product of their upbringing and she really does seem like a insufferable-snob. But then again we probably wouldn't even get past a hello when she heard that my son is Bugsy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    She was quite horrid, but I agree with her to a certain degree. It's always the same kinds of names being yelled out like that, so you know (most) children with those names will have rude parents, and will probably be lacking in the manner and behaviour department. You never hear mums scream out Poppy, Florence or Reuben. I'd be rather less excited about play dates and budding friendships with little Chardonnay, but of course I wouldn't prevent it. I'd just rather they make friends with mums with better taste that's all. Someone who wouldn't name their child after wine. But I guess that's also for my own sake, I'd prefer parents I could actually enjoy being around.

    That said, lady is crazy. And I adore Holly.
    Crazy indeed.

    Not quite sure what you mean by names "being yelled out like that"--does this refer to accent, intonation, or . . . .? For what reason might these names be yelled out and what is the mother trying to communicate? (Yes, I did watch the video. I'd never heard of that Katie Hopkins woman before, and she is perfectly appalling.)

    I really really resist the notion that one's manners and certainly one's basic goodness are determined by one's class background, and my husband and I encourage our daughter to be friends with any kind and kindred-spirited child from whatever background. I don't mean to sound naive--I notice difference as much as anyone and of course differences in class/education can manifest in one's child's behavior, but if given the choice, I'd prefer my girl befriend some nice working class kid (for example) than some little elitist snob with Katie Hopkinsesque attitudes. (Not that these are the only two categories of children, but in my mind that snobbery and its behavioral antecedents are a much more toxic influence than resistance to doing one's homework or whatever Katie H is attributing to Tyler and Chardonnay.)

    Also, Chardonnay is not to my taste either, but I further resist the idea that I cannot be friends with Chardonnay's mother because her taste differs from mine and, more to the point, because her class background is (or may be) different. Again, this may sound naive and idealistic, but in my experience, the Chardonnays and their moms can be just lovely, while Juliet and her mom are not necessarily so . . . .

    By the way, I'm American. And a social worker .

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