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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    @sunshinekid - this is too funny! Thank you for giving me a laugh today. I've always thought that Catherine Tate is brilliant and these skits prove it!
    Glad to be of service. :P
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    I didn't watch the whole video as it didn't load but I would never judge anyone by name but then again I am an Ebony so she wouldn't even talk to me. She's judging the kids who can't chose there names they have no choice. There are many successful people with names that aren't classic. In WA we have a popular newsreader named Ebbeny. There was a Chantelle at my boarding school a Chynna as well were there parents terrible people? not intelligent? if so then how did they afford the around $30,000 a year to be put into boarding for five years for Chynna and two for Chantelle.
    People can name their child what they want without fearing to be judged.

    In Australia India is used a lot but I still think of it as a place name, Indiana isn't for me but India is.
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    I just got back from my holiday and a friend of mine showed me this because she knows my live of names and I was about to post this here, but I'm a little late to the party lol

    Katie Hopkins is a stuck up snob who believes she is above everyone, she's so judgemental and whatsshe was saying about Tyler really annoyed me the most due to the fact my gorgeous nephew is called Tyler and he's so smart and funny and cute and he's only 3.

    Children don't choose their names, their parents do so judge the parent bot the children, I mean I hate the name Jayden actually irritates the life out of me but their parents choose their name for a reason so I would never say to my child "your not allowed to play with Jayden because I don't like his name" that's just being childish yourself.

    I've ment some so called upper class people with really (as she would call them) chavy (in Scotland we say neddy) names. So you can't judge a child just because of their names.

    Katie Hopkins must be insecure or something if she's so desperate to keep a class devide with her children, she's probably going to cause problems for them their whole life, what if her daughters poppy or India bring home a Tyler as their love of their lives? Or maximillian falls in love with a Chantelle?

    YouTube her name and you will see how shallow and judgemental she really is.
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    I know this is a few years old, but I just saw it and got so upset. Totally Disgusting!

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