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    @violetgray Here are some names with approrpiate boarding school nn. :-)

    Persephone (Effie/Percy)
    Harriet (Hattie/Ari)

    Rupert (Rue)
    Augustus (Gussy)

    I am a dual Aussie/Brit and I tend to give US naming trends a wide berth where possible (especially 'unique' spellings >.>)

    Both my brother and I were given Latinate(?) names though our family is English English English.

    My name is very common in South America but rare where I grew up and I hope for similarly different names for my kids.

    I am fairly serious and studious and something of a giant (181cm), my skin is ultra pale ('moon tan') and my hair is dark and flowing (must be a good 70cm at least). Possibly the nicest thing anyone has said about my appearance was when, at a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate a lady approached me and whispered "You look just like one of them". I guess every 'look' has it's time (and I showed up very late).

    My partner is of Indian descent so our kids won't have my moon tan, I hope to acknowledge bother heritages when we finally get the time to have them :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine kid View Post
    Ooh, particularly love Casimir, Leonor (wrote a story with a Lenor once) and Anouk (adorable little girl from Chocolat!) Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by jasmine.lee View Post
    Lots here! Love Arrietty and Ingrid. Oliver and Thomas would definitely be on my 'safe' boys list. I do like Bennett but the bug bear is that it's not a real name and I couldn't add it to my list without being hypocritical! Lol.

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    To OP, for boys I think of names like....


    And for girls....


    I am a 20 year-old girl currently studying Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Statistics at the undergraduate level and am preparing to apply to Epidemiology Phd programs this coming fall. I have very long, loosely curly golden blonde hair (past hip length), blue-green eyes, and pale, almost translucent skin. I don't get along with the sun very well. I am 5'5" and fairly small. I also dance ballet, character, and contemporary. I love nature and daydream about hiking and skiing in the mountains, fishing, wandering through forests, and stargazing in meadows all day long. I would build a small log home in a forest somewhere if I possibly could. I am half Swedish and half Slovene, and both cultures have played a huge part in my life; consequently, I don't fit in terribly well in the US and really want to move to Sweden or Slovenia (or Finland or Norway). I love foreign languages and learning the meanings of names. I am definitely a minimalist and am very practical and careful about my decisions. I should stop there, but could go on and on haha. I dislike "fake" names and creative spellings (not alternative spellings, though....) with a passion.

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    I live in England and have English and Irish roots, I'm in my late 20s. I have long straight mouse brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. I am tall, slim with an oval face. I lost my way a bit after school because of long-term health problems and missed out on a career but I always did well at school and have a passion for reading.
    I come from a very religious Christian family, I'm now agnostic but respect and appreciate my background.
    I'm married and we have a comfortable working-class lifestyle.
    I'm an introvert and quite shy around people. People see me as polite, thoughtful but difficult to get to know.
    I love being a mother and try to parent naturally and gently...

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    Here's mine again:

    Well, I'm Jasmine, from the home of the hobbits (New Zealand). I have auburn hair and eyes that are a mix of blue green and grey. I'm 5'9" and rather awkward, I'm an introvert. I am 14, but apparently I'm 18 according to most, I love to read, ride horses, bake, sew and take pictures. I'm homeschooled. I have had cancer and I'm now cured of it. I can play several different instruments. I am creative, I love interior design and art (and Pinterest.) My style is classic mixed with vintage, and a little bit preppy. My favourite musicians consist of Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Matthew and the Atlas, The Wedding Band, Laura Marling, Ben Howard, Fleet Foxes, The Civil Wars, The Beatles etc. My favourite movies are any Audrey Hepburn, The Hobbit, Temple Grandin, Last of the Mohicans etc, (the list goes on.) My favourite TV series are Robin Hood, North & South, Downton Abbey, etc. I can get emotionally attached to characters, in books or shows. Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan are the perfect couple. I love camping and I long to live in South Jersey one day. I love classic books and classic names. I love nature and animals, wild or tame. I have a real love for gingham and plaid. To give you more inspiration, my favourite song is Old Pine by Ben Howard. And I love cinnamon and pumpkin pie.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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