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    it does sound like felix the cat, but it isn't a bad connotation so if it doesn't bother you then its fine. It could be a cute nickname

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    I don't think the association is a problem but I think Felix Katz looks awkward. It's something about the X followed by the K that is compounded by the z. I'd personally choose something else, I'm sorry

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    In my opinion, it is so closely related that I believe most people would think of Felix the Cat. Also, as others have said, Felix Katz looks awkward and does not flow well.
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    Ehh, no, I'm afraid Felix Katz would make people laugh behind your back. I once knew a kid named Luke Walker, and people used to say "wonder if his middle name is Sky." I sure wouldn't want to be stuck with it, and I agree, "the X followed by the K that is compounded by the z" is exactly the thing that makes the names awkward together. Sorry.

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    I would keep looking.

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