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Thread: Margo

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    I swoon every time I hear the name Margo. Does it sound ok with the last name Rose? Or should I avoid the repeating long o sound?

    Also, my grandmother's name is Rita so both names come from Margaret and mean pearl, is that enough of a connection to say she's named after her?

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    Yes, I agree on the double o sound, My name has the same loose meaning as my uncle and I am named after him. I think it is absolutely a valid way to honor someone, and gives your child less of a hand-me-down name quality.
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    I think it a lovely name! I also think its a great way to honor your Grandmother!

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    I think that Margo Rose sounds fine together, but if the double "o" sound seems like it may cause problems then perhaps you should pick something like Margaret or Margery. I'm named after my great-grandmother who was named Anna and I was named Anne (though we both go by the same nickname of Annie), so I think naming children after family members is a cool custom.

    Hope this helps!

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    I think Margo Rose sounds beautiful together, and Margo could definitely be a link to your grandmother. I'm a fellow Margo swooner, and it's so underused - good luck!

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