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    Quinn, Clare, Winter, Hazel, Violet or Heidi

    Which girl's name do you like best? This is our shortlist.
    Quinn, Clare, Winter, Hazel, Violet or Heidi.
    Looking for something feminine but still strong. Open to other name ideas, but not any names ending in 'a'.

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    This is a great list!
    Quinn is really pretty for a girl, short and to the point. She will stand out among the Ava's and the Emily's.
    Clare is also pretty, but I see it as a little more dainty. Clare is a lace kind of girl as opposed to denim. I hope that makes sense..
    Winter has always been one of my favorites, as it is my second favorite season. Oddly enough, I do not think the season when I hear/see Winter. It is so much more majestic than that.
    Hazel- I have always had a love/hate relationship with this name. Whenever I hear it I immediately think "Hazel Grace Lancaster" and "The Fault In Our Stars."
    Violet has always been one of my childhood favorites. Versatile and cool.
    Heidi- I have to admit it is a let down next to Winter and Violet....
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    I don't really dislike any of these names...they are of a bit of a varied style though, something to keep in mind for future children? They are all short and not super common, not super uncommon, so have that in similarity.

    I like them in this order:

    Quinn seems the farthest from the rest of your names--more unisex and modern, less classic.
    I like Winter more as a mn, especially as Clare Winter.

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    Winter is definitely my favorite!

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