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    Question Need Help Naming Triplet Girls ASAP

    Hi Berries:
    I've been lurking here for months, not posting, quietly searching for the perfect names for our soon to be born triplet daughters. Word has it they're gonna arrive a few weeks early (perhaps two weeks from now) and we're under the gun to make a decision. So no more hiding in the shadows, I need your help!!!! Here's what we have so far and our parameters:
    Unusual names only. I'm 49 and have not yet met (in person) anyone with my name, Melaine. Sure, there are a few other Melaines out there, perhaps 500 of them on Facebook, but I've yet to encounter a single one in my daily life. For me, that's what a name is all about. My hubby also has a less common name, Wade, so luckily we're on the same page in this regard. But they need to be real names, not a fake sounding made up name.
    I don't want them to sound matchy, but they need to go together.
    We're not into using family names for inspiration, but I would make two exceptions if the right variation presented itself, for my grandmother Helen (most international variations are too close to my own name to be useful) and for a variation of Flossie, Billie, or Buffy, after my husband's grandmother who went by all three names at some point in her life.
    Our last name is Hennessey. We prefer surname sounding Irish and English first names of two syllables. So far we have:
    Kearney Linnea Hennessey. DONE.
    Aisley ? Hennessey (Middle could be Rose. We like a flower theme for middles but prefer them less common than Rose if possible.
    ? ? Hennessey Completely stumped here. We like Ellery but it's three syllables and my sister has recently changed her name following the death of her husband, and is going by something similar. I'd prefer to avoid using A and K again, and probably not C either since it sounds like K. I'd love an M, but nothing similar to Melaine which gets tough with the Mcs and Macs in the Irish surname genera.
    That's all folks. Please have at it, the more unusual and creative the better. Thanks in advance for your help!

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