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    Already taken? Need advice on Charlie!

    Would love your opinions!
    Our fave name for our girl is Charlie. Here's the issue... My cousin named her boy Charlie about 2-3 years ago. We live in different states and I only see them maybe once a year. Already taken? My husband doesn't think so but I'm dreading telling the family that we're taking a boys name for our girl.

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    If you use Charlotte as her official name and put that on the birth announcement they probably won't realise the cousins share the same name. You still get to call her Charlie but technically they they are called something different.
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    Yes, be sneaky and put Charlotte as her official name.
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    Charlize is another option to get Charlie. There is also Charlene, I don't recommend on using Charlie as a full name for a girl.

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    I agree i like Charlotte or Charlize as the name and then use Charley (I prefer this spelling for a girl) as a nn.

    I personally don't like Charlie as a name full stop but that's me.

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