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Thread: Aurelia?

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    We're on the hunt for Roman names too I love Aurelia. I know a woman with the name but she's in her mid 30's. What else is on your list? Cassia and Junia are our other girl contenders. Aurelia wasn't in the top 1000 in the US for 2011 so I don't think it's going to become too popular any time soon.
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    Aurelia is a beautiful name! Even sounds a little regal to me (in an old Roman way )

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    I love these suggestions! We honestly haven't found too many that we agree on...Lavinia and Aurelia are the two that DBF loves just as much as Helen. We've discussed Helena (not really Elena), but I just don't love it for some reason. I do love Cecilia and Octavia. Tullia is beautiful...I hadn't heard that one before.
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    I adore Aurelia. I have noticed there are a lot of people on Nameberry talking about it recently, so it could become more common in the future. I hadn't heard Lavinia before and I really like that one, too.

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    I love Aurelia too ( and Aurora) but DH didn't like it. I can see the appeal to why it is loved, discussed, talked about a lot on nameberry but I don't think a lot of parents will use it so I don't think it will really go anywhere popularity wise.

    But since you both agree on it, I would go for it!

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