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    Best choice (out of 2) for nickname Annie

    Hi all,
    We would like to call our dd #2 Annie. I think she needs a more formal name in case she wants to go by Anna or something like that when she gets older.
    I've narrowed down choices for dd #2 thanks to some very helpful posters. The 2 choices are:
    Annabel Kate and Anna Rose (or Charlotte). So basically, my question is: Is Anna or Annabel a better name to give for the nickname Annie? Which makes the most sense? Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Annabel makes more sense, since it's three syllables and Anna is two, and Annie is two. However, I like Anna Rose/Charlotte better.
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    I like Annabel Kate better, and I feel like Annabel nn Annie is more intuitive. Anna is just as long syllable-wise, and even shorter letter-wise, as Annie, so it almost seems pointless to opt for the nn Annie with the full name Anna. Although Anne nn Annie seems fine, so I'm not sure why Anna nn Annie seems a bit pointless to me. Still, I like Annabel Kate more. Anna Charlotte/Anna Rose (or even Anna-Rose Charlotte!) are gorgeous, though.
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    Annabel! I actually have a friend named Annie who I call Annabel as a nickname.
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    I think either is fine. The comment above makes sense in theory, but I personally view a nickname as more than just a short form - it's also a casual, familiar, even pet form. Thus, pick what you like best!

    I missed what your first daughter is called, but that could be helpful as a decision maker. Anna is straightforward, elegant, and classic. Annabel is frilly, feminine, and vintage sweet. Personally, Annabel is too sweet for me, so I'd pick Anna. (I like Anna Charlotte!)

    There are so many other names that also shorten to Annie - Anne, Anneliese, Annora, Rosanna, Susannah...
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