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    Ophelia by a long, long, longshot! Millie always makes me think of mealworms, but Ophelia is romantic, tragic, beautiful.

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    Ophelia Catherine Jane. Lovely, classic name.

    Millie is adorable but I only see it as a nickname.

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    Ophelia! It's dramatic, stunning, and elegant. While I personally didn't like the character (to me she's unable to stand up for herself and doesn't have much guts) I like the idea of using a Shakespeare name, and I liked Hamlet in general. Ophelia Catherine Jane is beautiful. I do find Millie a bit nicknamey and cutesy, but then again I'm not from the UK and nickname names aren't that common here.
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    Well, truth be told, we've got a definite name for her, and, it's going back to one other than Ophelia and Millie. DH and I could not choose between the two, but, we had both really loved Jemima in the past. So, we took the combos we had for Jemima, Ophelia and Millie, and came up with Jemima Catherine Louise Cuthbert, with Mia and Emmy as her nickname. We both feel that this is the most perfect name for her, and, Ophelia will just have to go onto my (very long) list of names that I love, but cannot use. Thank you for all the help
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    I love Ophelia! To be honest, I don't think elementary aged children will even be thinking of Shakespeare at that age, even in high school it shouldnt be an issue, I wouldn't worry about that at all.

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