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    Ophelia most defiantly. It's got an elegance that has survived through many ages, even before Shakespeare. I don't think teasing will be a problem. Millie is sweet, but it may be best saved to be used as a nickname for Millicent or Melisende.

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    I would say Millie Catherine Louise, although both names are beautiful. The only reason I lean this way really is because IDK if this would be as much of an issue in the UK, but I worry about teasing with Ophelia in the sense that it's similar to "I feel ya" which could be horrible in middle/high school.

    If you're really in love with the first sibset idea, I think Millicent Catherine Louise "Millie" is to die for. Best of luck!
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    Ophelia Catherine Jane. Beautiful classic name.
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    I prefer Ophelia. I can honestly say that I knew Ophelia was a character in Hamlet, but I didn't know anything about her until I read the play in high school, and then I promptly forgot that she committed suicide until your post just now. I don't think sharing a name with that character will make her a target for bullying at all. I think it's a really beautiful name, and I'd probably consider using it myself.
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    Thank you, the only name Millie would be short for is Matilda though, and it's been vetoed :/
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