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    I only know one Georgia. But yes, I agree that you should consider Georgiana or Georgina if you're worried. Or Georgette or the French Georgine.
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    I think actually, or at least where I live, Georgina is becoming more popular than Georgia. But I do know several Georgias and several Georginas (although I'm guessing that you live in America, so it might be different there) I love Georgia though - good luck!

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    Isabelle isn't really any more popular now than it was 14 years ago. Isabella on the other hand, that's a totally different story.

    Georgia's slowly becoming more popular, that isn't a trend. If it shoots up the charts, that makes it trendy, but since it's been slowly rising over the last 15 years, that just means it's becoming more popular. Popular does not mean trendy.
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    I have worried about this myself. We would love to use Georgia in the future because it was my great-grandmother's name. But when I looked up the popularity, I was a bit shocked and put off. Then, I went into a local baby boutique and noticed a registry for baby Gerogia Kate. Sigh. I can see it becoming a popular hipster/yupster choice, which drives me insane. I don't know what to make of how it's trended on the charts over the years. Looks like a steep incline around 2000 and has stayed pretty high since then. ("High" to me is anything in the top 300-400.) I guess time will tell....
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