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    Georgia - becoming too trendy?

    I LOVE the name Georgia and it was the runner up name for my last daughter (we went with Raphaela Helene). I know the official rank number is in the high 200's, but I'm afraid it's becoming trendy as I've heard it a couple times lately (one being the rumored middle name for the West-Kardashian baby - Ugh!). When we named my oldest daughter Isabelle 14 years ago, we had never heard of anyone with that name, but look at how popular Isabelle/Isabel has become through the years. I wouldn't have used that name had I known that. So what do you think? I also like Nora, but that one is ranked considerably higher than Georgia at this point. Any alternative name suggestions?

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    I don't think Georgia is too trendy at all. It's a beautiful name! And as far as baby North West- her birth certificate shows her name without a middle name. Here's a link of the birth certificate.
    Anyway I love Georgia and think you should use it! Good luck!

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    I love Georgia. Although it's currently at #298, it's not trendy or very popular - I have only met one in my life. Georgia is more of classic name like the most feminizations - it was in the Top 200 till the 1960-s then down supplanted by nicknamey names. And it has been rising again since the 1990-s, probably after being picked by Mick Jagger.
    I don't think Georgia will be in the Top 50 in a few of the following years but if you want something even less popular, try Georgina or Georgiana.

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    I love Georgina, but I don't think Georgia will become too trendy.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I don't think it's trendy. It seems to have been hovering around the 300 mark for the last decade or so, so not spiking on the charts or anything. I've only known one girl named Georgia and she's probably 12 years old by now. I do love Georgiana though, so that's a good alternative that's unlikely to trend. It hasn't been on the SSN for 50 years.
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