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    I vote for Annabel Kate (but like Cate even more), sounds lovely with Claire Elise. I want to name my daughter (if I have one) Annie, too (full name Antonia), and my sister has a little Claire Ruby.
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    I think Anna and Claire sound like perfect sisters - the names are balanced, classic and beautiful together. My name is actually Claire Elise as well, and I think Anna Rose is gorgeous.

    PS. Annie is just so cute!

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    Another vote for Anna. )
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    Thanks everyone! So helpful! You've given me a lot to think about. I do like Anna, but it almost seems like I'd have to leave her name Anna and not be able to call her Annie as naturally. But Anna is growing on me. I like Annabel, but do worry it's too trendy. Thanks!
    @claire Elise- love that you have my little girls name. Hope you like it! I've loved it so far!
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    @ashthedreamer-your feedback mirrors my thoughts. I'm warming up to Anna but sometimes find it a bit boring. It is classic though. Thanks for your thoughts!
    @velvetcrush-Congratulations on your pregnancy! Antonia nn Annie is gorgeous. I just think Annie is such a sweet name for a little girl.

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