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    I think I might do this with basically all names. I still technically love the ones we had settled on for my daughter and then in between while we were trying....but I think I'm a bit fickle and the novelty eventually wears off and I want to love something new. I am afraid this is true and we'll bypass the perfect name for us just because I came to it at the wrong time. I swore if we had another girl she would be Augusta but now we've moved on and I love Antonia more.

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    I used to love Violet and Will but I've heard them enough times that I've grown tired of them. I still really like them though, just not as much as I used to.
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    Use to love Delilah but it's become waaaay too popular! Same thing with Dahlia I feel like its being used everywhere now. I use to find middle names like grace,hope and faith so pretty but I feel like everyone has a middle name like that now.
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    Not because they've become popular, but several old favorites have lost their luster for me.

    Evangeline- because I dread the accent it would be said with due to where I live
    Lily and all it's variations- just boring to me now...this might because of the popularity
    Ivy- just makes me shrug when I hear it

    Sometimes names circle back into my lists though, I hated Ezra for the longest time and now it's one of my favorite boy names. So who knows! It's a love/hate thing these name lists!
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    Emmeline (heard it too often) and Senna (just fell out of love.)
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