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Thread: New List!

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    My favourites are:

    b) Beatrice Olivia Jane Cuthbert
    e) Arabella Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    h) Ophelia Catherine Jane Cuthbert
    i) Vivienne Elizabeth Claire Cuthbert
    n) Merryn Celeste Louise Cuthbert

    I know a Merryn, and think it's a great name. It's unlikely that anyone where I'm from, in the UK, would mistake it for a kreativ spelling, it's slightly obscure but still recognised as traditional.
    Current favourite girls names: Verity, Eden, Cliora, Antonia, Morwen, Catriona, Dervla, Colette, Sorcha, Tahlia, Lucina, Vita (as name or short for Victoria), Zabet (as name or short for Elizabeth), Nina, Kylara, Zelda, Sabine, Eliska, Zelina, Mereya

    Check out my fantasy/sci-fi girls names list, you'll be surprised how 'normal' they can be!

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    Ophelia Catherine Jane
    Maeve Elizabeth grace
    Ottilie Catherie Grace
    India Catherine Louise
    Beatrice Olivia Jane

    All so stunning!!!!!! All perfectly gorgeous choices
    XOXO Whillemina
    Crazy and Happy Name-Obsessed Teen
    Kirrily, Rosalind, Tamsin, Josephine

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