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Thread: New List!

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    New List!

    After much debating, we decided to take a look at our previous list. We've created 13 name combos now(DH has vetoed Dulcie) and these are the finals.

    a) Millie Catherine Louise Cuthbert
    b) Beatrice Olivia Jane Cuthbert
    c) India Catherine Louise Cuthbert
    d) Tabitha Catherine Anne Cuthbert
    e) Arabella Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    f) Louisa Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    g) Annabella Olivia Grace Cuthbert
    h) Ophelia Catherine Jane Cuthbert
    i) Vivienne Elizabeth Claire Cuthbert
    j) Maeve Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    k) Ottilie Catherine Grace Cuthbert
    m) Mercy Olivia Anne Cuthbert
    n) Merryn Celeste Louise Cuthbert

    My husband and I are both blondes, so we're hoping to find a name that will best suit a blonde little girl, and that will flow nicely. Nicknames haven't been fully decided on, but, Merryn would definitely be Merry, Annabella would be Annie, Louisa would be Lucy, and Arabella would be Belle.

    Which of these names make you picture a blonde little girl, and which flow the nicest?
    Beatrice|Ottilie|Dulcie|Jemima|Tabitha|Maeve|Adela ide|Florence|Martha|Eloise|India|Sylvie

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    Of your choices, I see the following as dark haired girls: India, Vivienne, and Ottilie. I also picture Maeve as a red haired.

    Of the remaining choices, I would rule out Millie as too nicknamey, Tabitha because of the Tabby nn which makes me think of cats. I would also rule out Beatrice because of its increasing popularity and Arabella/Annabella because of overuse of - belle,Bella names. Finally Merryn gives the appearance of a "creative" spelling name and may be mistaken for Marilyn frequently.

    So from your extensive list that leaves me with

    Louisa Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    Ophelia Catherine Jane Cuthbert
    Mercy Olivia Anne Cuthbert

    From a flow perspective, I think all three work well.

    My favorite though is Mercy Olivia Anne Cuthbert.
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    I love b), c), h) and m) best with c) being probably my favorite for a little blonde. Great list, Hayley!

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    Some wonderful combos on your list. Here are my top five faves.

    1) Louisa Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    2) Beatrice Olivia Jane Cuthbert
    3) Vivienne Elizabeth Claire Cuthbert
    4) Maeve Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    5) Ottilie Catherine Grace Cuthbert
    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayleyisanamenerd View Post
    k) Ottilie Catherine Grace Cuthbert

    Which of these names make you picture a blonde little girl, and which flow the nicest?

    Hi I was doing the search thing for baby names for the baby that is probably still a couple of years down the track at this stage lol, but I absolutely love love loved this combination you have on your list.
    My input if welcome, would be to slightly alter the Catherine part to

    Ottillie Catherina Grace Cuthbert
    Ottillie Katerina Grace Cuthbert

    Tilly as a nic name.....

    not that I dont like Catherine at all, but I like how Katerina Grace sounds together

    Whenever I hear Tilly I think of a beautiful bubbly little blonde girl as the only two Tilly's I have known were lovely blonde girls and lovely to be around They are all beautiful names on your list so I don't think you can go too wrong there, once she's out one of those names will just roll out and it will be the perfect one!
    All the best!

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