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    New List!

    After much debating, we decided to take a look at our previous list. We've created 13 name combos now(DH has vetoed Dulcie) and these are the finals.

    a) Millie Catherine Louise Cuthbert
    b) Beatrice Olivia Jane Cuthbert
    c) India Catherine Louise Cuthbert
    d) Tabitha Catherine Anne Cuthbert
    e) Arabella Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    f) Louisa Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    g) Annabella Olivia Grace Cuthbert
    h) Ophelia Catherine Jane Cuthbert
    i) Vivienne Elizabeth Claire Cuthbert
    j) Maeve Elizabeth Grace Cuthbert
    k) Ottilie Catherine Grace Cuthbert
    m) Mercy Olivia Anne Cuthbert
    n) Merryn Celeste Louise Cuthbert

    My husband and I are both blondes, so we're hoping to find a name that will best suit a blonde little girl, and that will flow nicely. Nicknames haven't been fully decided on, but, Merryn would definitely be Merry, Annabella would be Annie, Louisa would be Lucy, and Arabella would be Belle.

    Which of these names make you picture a blonde little girl, and which flow the nicest?
    Beatrice|Ottilie|Dulcie|Jemima|Tabitha|Maeve|Adela ide|Florence|Martha|Eloise|India|Sylvie

    Henry|James|Nicholas|Declan|William|Bryson|Liam|Re ece|Landon|Adam|Andrew|Noah

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