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    A blank canvas - ideas please!

    Hi there!

    I'm looking for some help making a list of names I like - not pregnant just obsessed with names but feeling very low on inspiration!

    I'd love just some random ideas!

    Here is what *I think* I'm looking for, some ideas to help - I'd love suggestions that fit one or all of these - whatever comes to mind!:

    - Uncommon but not too crazy - I like rare names but would only use one that would be an asset not a hindrance on my child's life. This is not a must - I will consider more common names if I love them!
    - Names with great meanings and/ or a rich history- this is a must! Can be ancient, vintage, modern or anywhere in between -I don't mind what era the name hails from.

    - This might be strange but I'm after names I can imagine on little girls in 1950's style dresses (not necessarily names from that era however). But they must also fit on an adult - think dainty, pretty and/ or quirky but still with substance, style and poise.
    - For boys I'd like something similar - words that come to mind are handsome, charming, quirky, maybe a little bit cheeky - must be a strong name fit for a man, but I am a fan of softer sounds as well.

    I hope this isn't too difficult or strange of a request - I can't wait to see what you can suggest!

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