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    Katerina - If you don't like Kate or can always use "Kat" or "Kitty". Unless that's too animal-esque for you. Maybe Rina..or even Trina/Triny as nn potential.

    Noemie - It is kind of similar to Naomi. Personally, unless this person was my very close personal friend that I hang out with all the wouldn't really bother me.

    Lucia - Lucia is adorable. My natural instinct is the "Loo-see-ah" pronunciation, although I recognize that some people do the "Loo-sha" pronunciation as well. My name is Marianne and while there wasn't any pronunciation issues, there was usually spelling issues. And it never really affected me. I'm sure if you daughter had to occasionally say "It's Loo-see-ah, not Loo-sha" or vice versa it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Edie vs Eden - Edie is too nicknamey for me. I do like Eden. It's not on my list, but I can see the appeal. I love the imagery when I think of the name (Garden of Eden). I have come across one Eden before, who would now be about 6. The only other Eden I know of is the actress Marcia Cross's daughter.

    Lavinia - I really like this name. Currently its on my list as a middle to go with Esther. A tragic character doesn't bother me at all. Afterall Ophelia is my favourite shakespearean name...and she's quite tragic too. Also being a name of tragic character doesn't bother me because its not your daughter will grow up and BECOME that character.

    Out of all your options, I like Lucia and Lavinia the best. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone; they are giving me a lot of food for thought. As of right now, I'm leaning towards:

    Katerina - tossing. Last night I remembered a Katrina in my life whom I don't want to be reminded of, so I think this name has too much working against it.

    Noemie - possibly keeping, although the little one I know I do see pretty often, so perhaps not :/ I am also mulling over the name Noelle as a similar name that I fancy, but that doesn't remind me of anyone I know.

    Lucia - I actually like Lucy, but I don't like the idea of a name I use seeming/being common. I can't decide if I prefer loo-see-uh or loo-chee-uh pronunciation.

    Eden/Edie - The main thing holding me back from Eden is the religious imagery, since I am not at all religious. Do you think that association is too strong with the name?

    Lavinia - keeping
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    Katerina - I agree with you, the cons outweigh the pros. If not for the negative association, I'd say you could get away with Rina.

    Noemie - I think the best solution to your problem here is to use it in the middle spot or as a double-barrel if you love it.

    Lucia - Oh, keep it. It's lovely, especially the loo-see-ah pronunciation.

    Eden/Edie - It definitely feels very religious to me. If that's a concern for you, I'd drop it.

    Lavinia - Torn about this one. I love Titus, and it's a gorgeous name, but I automatically think of rape and mutilation every time I hear it. Not fun. Of course, Titus is pretty obscure. We berries are a sophisticated crowd, but I doubt many people will have the Shakespeare association, depending on where you live.
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    geeknamezyo: Noemie might have to just slide over to the middle, I think. I think it will bug me otherwise since I am close with the little one already here. Lavinia might be an issue, not sure. But I think it's so pretty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post

    - Love this one. I don't think she was tragic, she had tragic things happen to her. It's not her fault that she was raped and mutilated. I think it's worse to name your child after dull charcaters (Juliet) or stupid ones (Cordelia). Lavinia was also Aeneas last wife!
    Harsh! Juliet and Cordelia are two of my favorites.

    I like Lucia and Lavinia!

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