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    Katerina - As other posters have said, you can avoid Kate or Katie, but you need to let people know what the acceptable nickname is...I think the default for people will be to call her Kate, so you'll just have to decide what your preference is and go with it. I LOVE Ria, btw.
    Noemie - How close is this friend/colleague? If you only work together and the girls won't be getting together all that often, you can probably get away with it.
    Lucia - I love Lucia. I think there may be the possibility for pronunciation mistakes, but it's an easy correction to make. And yes, Lucy is popular, but you don't have to call her that.
    Edie vs. Eden - I'm not a huge fan of Eden..IMHO it sounds a little on the trashy side (sorry!) but I do like Edie. I know a girl whose given name is Edie, and it's not a nickname for anything...I think it's fine. Plus nickname-names are really common these days.
    Lavinia - I LOVE the name Lavinia (see my signature). It's beautiful...and I don't think you need to worry too much about the namesake being tragic. Definitely keep this one on the list.
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    [*][B]Katerina- there is no way to guarantee Kate or Katie won't be used. Avoid the name if that is a problem.[*]Noemie - Not of close to Naomi unless the Naomi is a family member. Keep it on your list.[*]Lucia - I would drop if you don't like the nickname Lucy.[*]Edie vs. Eden - I don't think Eden is trendy. Keep it.[*]Lavinia - Okay if you really love it.[/LIST]
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    Katerina - Just always call her Kate or Rina, or whatever nn you choose. Others will follow your lead.
    Noemie - The only reason I would tell you to avoid this would be if Naomi was a close relative. Otherwise, I think you are in the clear.
    Lucia - This is one of my favorite names ever, so I am probably a bit biased on this one. Which pronunciation do you prefer? I have always loved loo-see-ah, but the alternative is lovely as well. I would like for my daughter to be called Luci, so I guess that part doesn't phase me.
    Edie/Eden - Do you like Edith? It could serve as a proper name with Edie as the nn. I really like Eden, and have not heard it a lot where I live. I think any name has the potential to become popular. If you like Edie though, go for it. She is your child, you need to pick something you love.
    Lavinia - This is the only name on the list that I would never consider using. However, that is just because I have had a bad experience with a Lavina, and the names are too similar for me.

    I hope this has helped a little.
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    Katerina-you can call her cat as well, which is a cute nickname! I'd keep it!
    Noemie-I think ths is gorgeous, and i don't think it's that much of a problem. Keep it!
    Lucia-my pn is Lucy-uh, but there is also Loo-SEE-uh...confusing, yes. Toss it.
    Edie/Eden-I agree that it is trending-do you KNOW how many Edens I have heard of at my school alone? Toss it.
    Lavinia-I think it's gorgeous. Keep it!
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    Katerina - I don't believe nicknames are unavoidable. The only Katerinas/Katrinas I've known were called Kat and Trina anyway, never Katie. I say keep it.
    Noemie - I don't think it's too close since Naomi is just your work friend's kid. It's not like they'll be siblings or cousins or anything.
    Lucia - There are 2 accepted pronunciations, but lots of names are like that. I don't think it's a big deal.
    Edie vs. Eden - Edie is cute, but too nickname-y by itself. I strongly dislike Eden. Not only is it trendy, but the fact that it's a biblical place name really turns me off for some reason. It reminds me of Nevaeh, although I suppose not quite as trash since it's not spelled backwards. I like Edith, but if you can't picture it I say cross it off.
    Lavinia - I think it's totally usable.

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