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    Names with conflicts - keep them or toss them out?

    Hello all, I am looking for some opinions on a couple of names I have been thinking about recently. I like them, but they have potential problems. Basically, let me know if you think I should keep them or toss them.

    • Katerina - Love the way the name sounds, but really, really don't like Kate or Katie as potential nicknames.
    • Noemie - I have a friend/colleague with a daughter named Naomi. Too close?
    • Lucia - Worried about pronunciation snafus, and that it sounds common because Lucy is such a popular name right now.
    • Edie vs. Eden - Originally I wanted to use Edie, but I kept getting feedback that it is "too nicknamey." So was considering Eden as a formal option, only, it seems like it might be trendy. What are your thoughts?
    • Lavinia - Like the sound, and Titus Andronicus is one of my favorite Shakespeare works, but there's always a question of whether using a tragic character as a name sake is a good idea.

    ETA: Just by the by, for Edie vs. Eden, I had considered Edith. I like it somewhat but every time I try to picture it on a daughter, I can't.
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    1)Hmm, I would cross of Katerina because it's almost impossible to make people call you by a creative nickname instead of a usual one. Trust me as a Victoria who spent a lot of time asking people to call me not Vicki but Ria. (I got used to Vicki in the end and now I love it but it's not the same with Katerina). Toss Out.
    2)Noemie is wonderful and I have always thought the pronunciation is more of "no-emy" than "nuh-omy". I wouldn't worry about your friend, I have 3 girl gales near my age who were given a few months after me the same name and we are all OK with it. Keep It.
    3) I don't think Lucia will be always confused with Lucy but it may get popular as an alternative to fashionable sister. It's not my style but a lovely name. Keep It.
    4) I have to agree Edie is a bit too nicknamey. Also, I know a girl named this and she said she was misunderstood for Eddie a few times but I guess it's not an issue nowadays because people got used to different names. Eden is beautiful. If you are afraid it's too trendy, maybe you can search for another name that can be shortened to Edie? Keep Eden.
    5) Lavinia - oh, Lavinia! T.A. is wonderful and although it's a tragedy, Lavinia itself hasn't got awful meaning. If it was Desdemona, which has the meaning of "miserable/misery" as well as the tragic connections, I would have said "no", but Lavinia - "yes". Similar ideas: Lavender, Oliviene. Keep It.

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    Katerina - Kate and Katie are easily avoided. Call her Kat or Kitty instead.
    Noemie - Yes, that is too close.
    Lucia - Honestly, whatever name you pick, someone at some point will mispronounce it. You could consider Lucina, which is a bit easier.
    Edie vs. Eden - Edie is more often short for Edith, so I don't think it's that common to have an Edie Eden.
    Lavinia - It's a beautiful name and there have been plenty of other, happy Lavinias. You could always say she's named after the painter or writer or any of the other successful Lavinias.
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    Katerina - I know a Catherine who've never gone by Kate (or Cathy). I think it's lovely, but you can't control what she will want to be called.
    Noemie - Depends on how close you two are.
    Lucia - I think Lucia is glorious. I wouldn't worry about Lucy being popular. Lucia is precious.
    Edie vs. Eden - I like Edie on its own, and I also like Eden (don't think it's trendy).
    Lavinia - Love this one. I don't think she was tragic, she had tragic things happen to her. It's not her fault that she was raped and mutilated. I think it's worse to name your child after dull charcaters (Juliet) or stupid ones (Cordelia). Lavinia was also Aeneas last wife!

    Keep: Eden, Lucia and Lavinia.
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    Katerina -- Call her Kat, Rina, Kit, Kitty, or Ria from day one and people will call her that too. Once she's older, she may decide she likes Kate, but that could be said with any name, really. You can control what nickname people call her when she's young and if Kate isn't your choice, then give her a different one.

    Noemie -- Definitely too close, but how often do you see your friend/colleague in social situations with her daughter? It may work if you guys rarely get together.

    Lucia -- It's a beautiful name and a wonderful alternative to Lucy. I don't think you'll get that many pronunciation problems. Some people may pronounce it wrong at first, but after you correct them, it should be fine.

    Edie versus Eden -- I'm one of those who's not a fan of the name Edie (either as a nn or a full name). I think Eden is beautiful and isn't at all trendy. On the Edith issue, I can't stop picturing the lady from All In The Family. It's not a name I would choose for a baby because it doesn't sound youthful and I can't see it on an infant, grand-schooler, teenager, or early adult. I'd choose Eden in this case.

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