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    Names with conflicts - keep them or toss them out?

    Hello all, I am looking for some opinions on a couple of names I have been thinking about recently. I like them, but they have potential problems. Basically, let me know if you think I should keep them or toss them.

    • Katerina - Love the way the name sounds, but really, really don't like Kate or Katie as potential nicknames.
    • Noemie - I have a friend/colleague with a daughter named Naomi. Too close?
    • Lucia - Worried about pronunciation snafus, and that it sounds common because Lucy is such a popular name right now.
    • Edie vs. Eden - Originally I wanted to use Edie, but I kept getting feedback that it is "too nicknamey." So was considering Eden as a formal option, only, it seems like it might be trendy. What are your thoughts?
    • Lavinia - Like the sound, and Titus Andronicus is one of my favorite Shakespeare works, but there's always a question of whether using a tragic character as a name sake is a good idea.

    ETA: Just by the by, for Edie vs. Eden, I had considered Edith. I like it somewhat but every time I try to picture it on a daughter, I can't.
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