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    Gender scan for #3 next week ..........

    I am posting on behalf of a friend who is having her third little button. She is having her 20wk gender scan next week and likes to have her bubs name by then so she can start calling baby by it.

    So she has got a girl Farah and a boy Mahé already but is stuck for a girls name for her newest bubs. If the baby is a boy he will probably be Leo or possibly Ted. Names that have been tossed around for a girl are Elsie, Willa, Livia, Xanthe (which she absolutely loves but hubby doesn't and with the initials XL may not work). She likes names that are a bit out of the box but not too far out iykwim.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated


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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thanks ^^

    Anybody else have any wonderful girls name ideas??

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