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    WDYT: Twin Names

    Juliette and Bettina. Too matchy?

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    I think it is a bit too matchy. I'm a twin myself-- Hannah, and my fraternal twin is Grace. Raphaela and Emmanuelle are both feminine versions of a male name, they go well together. It sounds weird when you put two different naming (styles? cultures?) together like Emma and Philomene, for example.

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    Yes too matchy
    Alice and Hazel
    Rowan and Saoirse
    Phoebe and Milena

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    I'm also a twin, and I find these too matchy. If you don't mind, I'd like to mix and match from your list:

    Fiona and Jessamine
    Cosima and Leonora (or Leona)
    Ivy and Georgiana

    Those were my favorites.

    Taking the names in your signature, I like:

    Caroline and Frances
    Jessamine and Rowena
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