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    Family name dilemma

    So we decided on a name for our adopted daughter before we met her. Basically keeping her orphanage name Sena ( pronounced Say-na, be we decided on Sen-na) and adding Belle Violet ( my son has a double middle so we wanted her to have one too).

    After meeting her I'm having regrets of not giving her a family name as her middle. As a bonding tie to our family. We still have to re-adopt and have her name decided by that time.

    Family names in the running are: Anna, Eloise, Annabelle, and a smoosh Eliana.

    We are also considering Hana as its from her culture.

    Which would be he best name to give to her if she wants to use an American name when she's older? I am going to use my maiden name as her second middle.

    I'm not looking for great flow, just the best choice for a name if she wants it in the future. I've posted about this before- hopefully it's clear what I'm asking as its a complicated situation.

    So... Sena (Sen-na) ? Ch- one syllable Smiles.
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    Sena Eloise Ch-

    or Sena Annabelle Ch-
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I love Anna the most, but it clashes with Sena, don't you think? If you could do Sena Ch- Anna that would be fine. If not, I'd do Sena Eloise Ch- or Sena Eliana Ch-. Annabelle is lovely too (or Annabel?). Sena Annabelle Ch-.

    Many congratulations, by the way! If I'm understanding right, she's not living with you quite yet? And how old is she? Sorry for my questions, I just get so moved by adoptions, I want to know it all...
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    I'm new to this and don't quite understand 'ch-' but...
    Sena Eloise Belle Smiles (I think thats what you're asking... right?)

    If she wants to use an American name, she can go by Eloise, Ellie, Ellie-Belle, Ellie-Bellie etc

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