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    I love Emily, despite it's popularity. Erica seems dated to me. Though Emily and Lillian flow very well together, I do agree Emily and Lily is a bit matchy. Here's some suggestions:

    Amelia and Lillian
    Audrey and Lillian
    Lucy and Lillian
    Maisie and Lillian
    Eleanor and Lillian
    Claire and Lillian
    Fiona and Lillian
    Daphne and Lillian
    Violet and Lillian
    Stella and Lillian
    Caroline and Lillian
    Lydia and Lillian
    Annabelle and Lillian
    Charlotte and Lillian
    Emma and Lillian
    Emmeline and Lillian

    Hope this helps!
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    Well, I'm an Erica, so I'm biased. I absolutely love my name. I've only ever met, oh, maybe 5 other Erica's, and most spelled it with a 'k'-- not that spelling matters as it sounds the same. There aren't many nicknames, but people have called me Eri, Ric/ki, and Larka throughout my life. I mostly go by my full name though. The few Erica's I've met have been pretty similar to me, which is odd, but hey, it's true! We're athletic, funny, confident, creative and sweet. Did I mention confident?

    I adore Emily, though I don't think it ages quite as well as Erica. It feels very young. If her auntie is named Emma, and her big sister is called Lily, I find it much too close to both names. Personally, I wouldn't go with another Em name.

    If Erica doesn't feel quite right, you might want to consider Annika. Love it myself, but feel it's too close to my own name to ever use it. Annika feels a little fresher than Erica, at least in the US (not sure where you are). There's also Danica.
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    I know far too many Emilys. Erica feels a bit fresher.

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    I've met a couple of lovely Ericas and too many Emilys, even though they were mostly lovely, I even have a favourite book character of the same name.
    Erica is a delightful name, though it doesn't have the softness of Emily...but Emily seems to be the new Sarah (or even the new Emily), it's all a bit relentless.
    How about Elspeth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by purelove View Post
    My DH's sister is Emma, so that's out. I like Emilie, but my DH worries it would just be misspelled as Amelie all the time. Unfortunately I don't love Emmeline- it feels made up to me.

    I can't think of any other Em names! Any suggestions?
    I don't think Emilie will be misspelled as Amelie (different name/different pronunciation), but I do think it will be misspelled as Emily since this is the more common spelling. Of course whether it's spelled with a -y or an -ie, it's still slightly confusing to me as the nicknames Em + Lily sounds very similar to Emily, and Lily + Em sounds very similar to Lillian.

    The only others I can think of are Emmalyn, Emery, or Esme. But if Emily nn Em and Lillian nn Lily doesn't bother you, go for it!

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