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    Question Vote: Emily or Erica?

    Emily and Erica are in our top picks for a girl name. We have a Lillian who goes by Lily. "Emily" would likely be nicknamed "Em," but I love Emily so would want to use that too. I worry though Emily and Lily sound too close?

    Erica is my DH's pick, but could grow on me. What would your preference be? Go with the one you absolutely love but worry is too popular and too close to your DD's name, although her full name is Lillian and therefore not that close (Emily) or go with the one less common and that you will grow to love (Erica)?

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    Tough call! I like Emily a lot but I would have the same concern that Emily and Lily sound a bit too similar. It's enough that it would make me pick Erica over Emily, I think. Erica is a pretty name which has the added bonus of not being as popular as Emily. It's a little dated, but I don't know that this is necessarily a bad thing. But I'm not sure if Emily's popularity and similarity to Lillian are enough reasons to let go of a name that you really love. You probably can't go wrong with either but I am leaning slightly towards Erica for the reasons mentioned.

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    Even though Emily Is verty cute, there is the popularity issue, so I chose Erica. I once new an Erica-she was really sweet. We were friends in Kindergarden and then I never saw her again...
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    I think that if their full names are Emily and Lillian that those aren't that close and nn of Em and Lily are very sweet together. As long as you aren't planning on calling her Emily all the time while using Lily for the other one I think you are fine, especially if you love the name!

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    I prefer Erica as it does sound more individual and is less common.
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