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    Two syllable boys names pls :-)

    Hi All

    My daughters name has 4 syllables...and my hubby and I have agreed that our bub #2 (due early September) will have a shorter name. Two syllables max. If its a boy, to give you an idea of the types of names we like...Xavier, Hugo, Hunter, Thomas (Tommy) and Archer.

    Can I have some suggestions along these lines? Our surname is Gray...plain and easy.

    TIA :-)

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    Thanks erin91...I've always liked Ethan but a friend named her little boy that.
    Roman is cool also, but my DH doesn't agree.
    Appreciate the suggestions

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    bluejuniper Guest

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    Hi bluejuniper, thanks for the suggestions. I like Mason (it's along similar lines to Hunter and Archer).
    I'll run a few of your other ones past DH.
    I just find boys names so much harder!

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