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    How Would You Pronounce "Leonie"?

    I've developed a bit of a name crush on Leonie, but before I get too attached I'd like to see how others would pronounce it, especially with regard to the vowel sound of the first syllable and which syllable you would stress.

    If there's some variation it's not the end of the world - my name is Laura and I regularly get both LORE-uh and LAHR-uh - but it would be nice if the majority pronounced it the way I'd intended. I won't tell you which pronunciation of Leonie I prefer to avoid influencing you

    Feel free to suggest middles, too!

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    Lee-OH-nee is how I would pronounce it, although the french is LAY-oh-nee or similar iirc. But I prefer the first one, personally.

    I'm terrible with middle names! But from your sig I think Leona Adele could work, or Leonie Genevieve (too much E sound?) if I'm picking one outside your other choices.
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    I say Lee-oh-NEE (emphasis on the last syllable.) I like this name a lot too. I think something study in the middle would work better (since I see Leonie as pretty and a bit cutesy.)
    A few ideas:
    Leonie Margaret
    Leonie Jane
    Leonie Paloma
    Leonie Julia
    Leonie Rose
    Leonie Margot
    Leonie Seraphina
    Leonie Louisa
    Leonie Catheriner

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    Stress on the middle syllable.

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    I agree with everyone else - I say lee-oh-nee
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