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    Hazel seraphina

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    I LOVE Hazel June Marie! Very pretty!

    If the double mn isn't working out, from your list I like Hazel Rosalyn.

    Did the simple Hazel Rose and Hazel June get vetoed? Because they're lovely as well

    Also, I think with a longer last name Hazel June Marie would still be my top pick, even with a two syllable last name it flows nicely when I say it out loud. Because really, if you are counting syllables, Hazel Seraphina has 1 more than Hazel June Marie AND Hazel Winter Rose...
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    @oboeplayer1- Thank you! Hazel Saraphina/Serafina (not sure of which spelling we like more) is on the top of or Hazel names. My boyfriend did suggest Hazel Winter which I would be more open to rather then just Hazel June or Hazel Rose. I feel like those are super fillers and expected.

    @happymama1- I have always just naturally been a name lover. Its something I enjoy doing and thinking about our future children's names. Plus I see it as I do not want to be stressed out or annoyed during pregnancy so I rather find some names I like to get a head start. I know we may not find the "this is the one" name right away I believe I have to see our child first then make a choice. But I know I am committed to Hazel because it matches all our boy choices which have been super easy to pick out compared to girls which are annoying. At this point I am almost hoping our first is a boy lol

    @jyoti - I feel Hazel June and Hazel Rose are out. And Hazel June Marie is still on the list! The Bf is just worried about it being a mouthful even with short middles. Hes really picky....ugh.

    @jaimetanae- Thank you! I think Hazel Rose and Hazel June are expected and we have two family members whose children' s middles are Rose.

    After looking over I think our top two choices are Hazel Seraphina/Serafina and Hazel June Marie. Both have a romantic feel which I like and compliment our boys. I really appreciate you berries putting your input in! It is nice to have other opinions.
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    If you can definitely only choose one mn, I like Hazel Seraphina the best.

    If two mns are an option, I like Hazel June Marie. I love the nod to your confirmation name but I think Marie by itself is a little filler-sounding.

    Just a side note, my SO has 3 names and a long 3-syllable last name. All in all, it is 2-1-2-3, just like Hazel June Marie ___ would be. It's never been a problem for him. His two mns both have meanings, and it's not very often that a person's entire name is said or read out. Just offering an argument to counter the picky bf!
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    @peacebird10- Thank you! I completely agree. It really was the only two he seemed excited about and gave a definite yes. He tends say "yea they are alright." But Hazel Seraphina and Hazel June Marie he was a definite. That is very true and I appreciate you mentioning that!
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