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    Exclamation Last time with Hazel I swear! please choose...

    Please help me out one more time!!! Discussed combos for Hazel with the BF and these are the ones he approved...choose your favorite!

    Hazel Seraphina
    Hazel Marie- Confirmation name
    Hazel Rosalyn- Pronounced Roz-a-lyn
    Hazel Roslyn- Pronounced Roz-lyn
    Hazel Rosalina- Pronounced Rose-a-Lina/ Ro-sa-li-na
    Hazel June Marie
    Hazel Winter Rose
    (side note, he is worried about having two middles since our last name is pretty long. Sounds like Shamrock but isnt and 1 letter longer)
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    I think Hazel Seraphina is beautiful. I also like Hazel Marie. Hazel Winter or Hazel Rose would be nice but not Hazel Winter Rose.
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    I know it is fun to think of names when you are TTC but I'd say stress about this more once you are pregnant and who knows, you may have a boy! You will have 9 months to think about names and you may be surprised when you feel differently about names you love now. I have 6 weeks left of pregnancy and haven't even come up with her final name...

    I always notice and pay attention to all your Hazel posts because that is our top name but I still can't commit.

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    Oh and Seraphina sounds the best to me.

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    Well, if you have a long last name, I'd go with a shorter middle/s. Hazel Rose Winter S-, Hazel June Marie _ or just Hazel Rose or Hazel June perhaps?
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