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    Quote Originally Posted by basicsand View Post
    It sounds like a title (Duke) plus a royal name (Augustus).
    Agreed. Utterly ridiculous. Duke is a title, not a name. It'd be like calling a daughter Queen Elizabeth.

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    I love it. Duke has always been one of my favorite boy names. Unfortunately, we live in NC and close to Duke University, so my husband ruled that out as an option pretty quickly for us.

    I think the two names sound great together. Good choice!
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    I'm not a fan of the name. It makes me think of two things, neither of which I would want to saddle my child with. 1) to me "Duke" is more of a dog's name. Kind of like Marmaduke. 2) Duke is also a title, and especially with the middle name "Augustus" it makes me think of World War I Prussian royalty.

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    Personally I dislike titles and the name Duke, but I know it has more history of use than 'Queen' or 'Viscount' or whatever, and I like that you've grounded it with a more traditional middle name. My issue with it is, like PPs, it sounds like you're describing a duke because of the MN Augustus, which was often used by nobility/royalty. Specifically (me being a royalty nut) it makes me think of the old Duke of Sussex

    How about honouring using Angus? I think August Duke or Angus Duke would work much better

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    Super cool.
    Definitely and unexpected combo, but it works very well.
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