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    Exclamation Difficult daddy - need help!

    We are due for our fourth baby (A GIRL) this September. My BF is being super difficult with names this time around. I am completley drained on baby names. I need help! Our other childrens names are "Aiden James, Isabella Skye, and Keeton Cole." Last name starts with a G.

    Her Middle name will be Mae after a family member who just passed away. I would like something that is not popular as my first daughter is in a school full of girls with the same name.

    Please list as many names as you can possibly think of that aren't included in the list below. I am nesting like crazy and feel like this poor girl wont be named until she is old enough to name herself!

    Names that have been VETOED (Warning, there are a lot):

    Mikenna Mae
    Mariah Mae
    Evanna Mae
    Kerrigan Mae
    Eisley Mae
    Mika Mae
    Cerise Mae
    Eira Mae
    Estelle Mae
    Heather Mae
    Lillian Mae
    Wrenna Mae
    Ramona Mae
    Tavia Mae
    Nola Mae
    Lola Mae
    Brynna Mae
    Mallory Mae
    Talisa Mae
    Camila Mae
    Sapphira Mae
    Cleioh Mae
    Indira Mae
    Colbie Mae
    Cadia Mae
    Acacia Mae
    Cilicia Mae
    Ciela Mae
    Gloria Mae
    Lydia Mae
    Brielyn Mae
    Tayla Mae
    Noella Mae
    Lilah Mae
    Nadine Mae
    Elowen Mae
    Tulia Mae
    Talia Mae
    Indica Mae
    Keira Mae
    Talilah Mae
    Briya Mae
    Penelope Mae
    Teagan Mae
    Melissa Mae
    Elodie Mae
    Milena Mae
    Alicia Mae
    Tarah Mae
    Marina Mae
    Serenity Mae
    Suri Mae
    Briony Mae
    Serephine Mae
    Noelani Mae
    Breezy Mae
    Priya Mae
    Dorothy Mae
    Cynthia Mae
    Nova Mae
    Persephone Mae
    Talyn Mae
    Amaryllis Mae
    Cecily Mae
    Kinsley Mae
    Tailyn Mae
    Madigan Mae
    Celyn Mae
    Cadence Mae
    Kenzie Mae
    Brinley Mae
    Noah Mae
    Vera Mae
    Lainey Mae
    Alanie Mae
    Teadora Mae
    Tamsyn Mae
    Helena Mae
    Kendall Mae
    Kyrie Mae
    Summer Mae
    Matilda Mae
    Taryn Mae
    Winona Mae
    Susan Mae
    Lula Mae
    Linora Mae
    Briley Mae
    Aniela Mae
    Kenna Mae
    Calista Mae
    Evie Mae
    Ember Mae
    Katina Mae
    Caileen Mae
    Noreen Mae
    Caren Mae
    Aileen Mae
    Noeline Mae
    Charlene Mae
    Winifred Mae
    Ivy Mae
    Jerrica Mae
    Brisa Mae
    Fionah Mae
    Keely Mae
    Sasha Mae
    Tabitha Mae
    Cambria Mae
    Shiloh Mae
    Tamera Mae
    Vanessa Mae
    Pamela Mae
    Trudy Mae
    Farrah Mae
    Danica Mae
    Amber Mae
    Ashley Mae
    Harmony Mae
    Felicity Mae
    Cayla Mae
    Shailene Mae
    Sophie/Sophia Mae
    Nicolina Mae

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